Finding Grace

Grace is taken out of her life as a normal teenage girl when her parents decide to strip their world of all materialism and join a religious cult, seeking spiritual bliss and a guaranteed ticket to heaven. Grace is immersed into a harsh world of sparse living and crushing punishments implemented by the cult’s leader, Yosef. Women are considered the original perpetrators of all human sin, and are treated as the lowest form of existence within the gates of The United Realm of Transcendence.
Unable to live by the cult’s rules, Grace befriends the two brothers who live in the house on the other side of the Realm’s fence line. What starts out innocent, takes a dark turn, and before long, Grace finds herself alone and penniless, with a shaven head and a broken heart. She sets out on her own to protect her best friend and to, hopefully, find herself along the way.



October 22, 2015

About Angela Reid

Although I am not a writer by profession, (as in what I make my living doing), it certainly is my passion. I am a nurse who works in a specialty clinic treating allergy and asthma patients. I always wanted to be writer, but a husband, two kids, and various pets led me into a more stable field. Braces, prom dresses, and college don't come cheap...hahaha. I sat down to write my first novel, really as joke. I had a week off of work and told everyone I was going to use that time to write a book, something I have wanted to do since I was in the fifth grade of elementary school back in a little town surrounded by whispering corn fields in the flattest portion of Indiana. Needless to say, it took a bit longer than a week, but once I started, I just could not stop. It sort of became an affliction, one that drives my family crazy at times. I stare at them with that zoned out, far away look in my eyes as they prattle on about their days while I am creating epic scenes behind my eyeballs. It is never good when they ask me a question, for I am simply clueless about what was said. Anyway, once "A Silhouette of Lies" was complete, I just moved right on the next one and have kept going in a forward motion since then. I certainly hope that you, the reader, enjoys my efforts. I had a great time creating these little pieces of fiction, and if nothing else, I hope they take you out of your own life...even if just for a spell; after all, that's why we all love to read in the first place. Thanks for visiting my page, and many blessings to you and yours.

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