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new-releaseRiley is just an average teenage girl entering high school and hoping to be popular. All of her dreams seem to come to fruition until a sexual assault leaves her banished and bullied. Teetering on the edge of an inappropriate relationship with her stepfather, Riley is uprooted from her home and her step-dad, the only friend she has, until an unlikely math tutor fills that role for her. A secret friendship blossoms into something more, and Riley believes she’s found the family she always wanted, until a tragic shooting and deadly car accident, leave her alone in the darkness of depression, yet again. Responding to little more than the will to survive, Riley embarks on a journey of self-discovery, trying to forge a life out from under the shadow of her tragic past, which is not easy, for the past has a way of resurfacing when she least expects it.


Forever Man

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“Forever Man”
A small town waitress is struggling to survive in a state of poverty and depression after her family tragically dies, leaving her to raise her sister’s illegitimate child. With little hope of going to college or becoming an artist, Mia Miller lives out her days just waiting for Abby to grow up so she can free herself of the burdens of life.
Jase Taylor is a self-confirmed bachelor with an obsessive fear of relationships who arrives in town as a structural engineer working on the new hospital. Immediately, he feels some magnetic pull to the damaged young woman, but knowing he could never commit to her or be the man she deserves, he fights the urge to pursue her.
Fate has other plans as their lives become tangled in a web of deceit and tragedy that rocks their self-perceptions and forces them both to confront their demons, as well as each other.




October 22, 2015